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Boykimsan Boya Industry

Our Boykimsan Boya San. and Tic. Ltd. Company debuted in 1992 as a construction paints sector.
Nilufer Organized Industrial Zone in 2001, built on 2300 m² 2750 m² covered the entire facility moved to its own proprietary brand of the "DRIP" brand of products with the production of synthetic and water-based paint products market by making consumers a solution partner for many years has been the construction group.

Synthetic Topcoat Lux Drip, Drip Synthetic Primer, Synthetic Rust Drip, Drip Satin Synthetic Dye and often the preferred solvent-based product in the Product with our group.

Fake Plastic Drip, Drip Extra Mat Silicone Plastic, Roof Drip, Drip Silicone Exterior Paint, Exterior Primer Silicone Drip, Drip Textured Exterior Paint, and often the preferred water-based product in the Product with our group.

Our construction group next to dye solutions since 2002 "EUROMIX" brand, the metal, industry, road marking paints, and automotive products, industrial products used in industry, also joined the group added.
"EUROMIX" with the brand of the industrial products market offers fast-drying, gloss, durability, sticking to the bare metal surfaces, one coat coverage and easy application features.

The summer as you can see the annex has a wide range product portfolio to meet the needs paint industry.

Our brands are trademarks registered in the DRIP and EUROMIX brands and branded products with TSE Turkish Standards Compliance Certificate is produced as a documented quality requirements.

Documents proving compliance with the quality of our production is received, the administration's commitment to quality audits since 2004 as a result of his success with a renewed every year, 0 errors TSE EN ISO9001: 2008 certificate, has revealed.
Our company adopts the idea of ​​quality management in production and at the same time No EIA document, Emission Permits, and has a GSM license to opening.
All these points mentioned above and attached to the file by the light of your knowledge have offered certificates to notify your company that aspired to take place on the sales floor.

* Extra Plastic Paint Drip
* Drip Plastic Paint
* Drop Ceiling Paint
* Fake Plastic Paint Drip
* Drip Satin Water Based Paint
* Drip Silicone Exterior Paint
* Drop Acrylic Exterior Paint
* Drop Interior and Exterior Primer
* Drop Glue
* Drop in Izola
* Drop Textürlü Paint and Plaster
* Papier Paint Drip

* Drop Synthetic Primer
* Drip Rust
* Drop Synthetic Topcoat
* Drip Satin Semi-
* Drop Soot-stop
* Drop Wood Protector
* Drop Parquet Glass Polish
* Drop Yacht Varnish
* Drop nitrocellulose lacquer Filling
* Exterior Solvent Based Euromixlite

* Drop Synthetic Thinner
* Drop Cellulose Thinner
* Drop Rapid Thinner
* Drop cleaning thinner
* Solvent Euromıxlıte


* Euromix Industrial Lining
* Euromix industrial coat paint
* Euromix Hammerton
* Euromix Road Marking Paint
* Euromix Case Sealer
* Paint Tube Euromix
* EUROMIX Sellz.Astar
* EUROMIX Sellz.Son times
* EUROMIX End.Antipas
* Matte Paint Wrought Iron EUROMIX
* Paint EUROMIX Sent.Oto
* EUROMIX Epoxy Solvent
* EUROMIX Epoxy Solvent
* Solvent Epoxy Primer EUROMIX
* Solvent Free Epoxy Primer EUROMIX